Many a good tale is told over a nice cup of tea.

Sharing tea and scandal with our parents, a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend is how many of us learn our own history. Add a picture to that history and it instantly becomes more meaningful

Tandscandal is about telling stories, in particular, the stories of photographs and artworks from a private archive.

Over the past one hundred or so years, some of these stories have been told and retold, however few of these images have ever been published.

They have lived on sideboards and bookcases, in albums, trunks and suitcases. They have been carted from country to country, survived war and weather, been passed down to children and grandchildren.

Pictures ought to have their stories told. Let the tea and scandal begin.

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Wega Miller George
Pat Little

Link to Bell, Waldmeier and Saalmüller  FAMILY TREES

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Thanks to:
Harrow Local History Library
St Chrishona Pilgermisson archive
Thomas Little Memorial Library – Brummana High School

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